I have a passion for wood and I create hand-carved, one of a kind abstract sculptures in Westport Ont. Since I rarely use a pattern, each sculpture is unique.

Some pieces are stylistic human, animal or bird forms, while others have evolved naturally from the shape and form of the wood itself, based on my observations of nature.

Many of my current pieces are made from weathered pine and highlight the beautiful grain, colour and patterns inherent in the medium. All my sculptures are finished naturally with one coat of clear wax.

The 36 sculptures on this website are examples of my evolving style. I am constantly creating new images, most with flowing, curving lines. At my studio you can view up to 100 sculptures at any time - please call for an appointment.

The studio is also open during the local Dandelion Gardens Studio Tour in the spring, and the Westport Area Fall Colours Studio Tour every Thanksgiving weekend.

For further information, or to make an appointment, please call (613) 273-6712 or email rayscott@rideau.net.

Ray appeared on CTV's Regional Contact in 2011. Watch the video here.

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